Distinguished speaker series
ICWA Holiday Extravaganza (not a distinguished speaker)

December 17th — The evening of the 3rd Wednesday of every month from September to May, you know where you need to be: The ICWA's Distinguished Speakers Dinner. Except the 3rd Wednesday in December, that's the date of the ICWA's very special Holiday Celebration.

Great Decisions
Syrian refugee crisis (Great Decisions)

Syrians have for a century welcomed over a million refugees from Armenia, Palestine, Iraq and other countries around the region. Now, thanks to a multiyear civil war, they are on track to become the source of the world’s largest refugee population in a matter of months

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Academic WorldQuest
Sponsor the 2015 Academic WorldQuest

With your sponsorship of the 2015 Academic WorldQuest, you can help spark Indiana students’ appetites to elevate their understanding and deepen their connections to the rest of the world in a fun and interactive way!

Adventures in dining
Adventures in International Dining — Go Greek

October 27th — Adventures in International Dining visits Hellas Cafe, one of Indy's oldest and best loved Greek restaurants. Be prepared to see some flaming food, learn how to pronounce "gyros," and learn more about Greece.

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CIA, Syrian intelligence, and the Russian SVR

ICWA Board member Terry Simmons has a new book, CIA, Syrian intelligence, and the Russian SVR: Competition For Syria And The Post-Assad Geopolitical Contiguous Space. Buy it!

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Fran Quigley — Haiti Strikes Back

From Foreign Affairs — A deadly 2010 outbreak of cholera in Haiti was quickly traced to a UN camp, but the UN has been slow to take responsibility. In response, Haitian lawyers and advocates have decided to sue the international organization for damages. They might not win their case, but their efforts could at least leave Haiti with a better-functioning legal system.

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Back Again: US & Iraq

The Center for the Study of the Middle East, School of Global & International Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences are sponsoring speakers Prof. Jamsheed Choksy (CEUS), Amb. Feisal Istrabadi (CSME), Prof. Leslie Lenkowsky (SPEA), Prof. Kevin Martin (NELC), Prof. Nazif Shahrani (Anthropology) for a panel discussion addressing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

US foreign policy
US Foreign Aid in the 21st Century: A View from Malawi

The average Americans thinks the US government spends as much as 30 percent of the federal budget on foreign aid. In fact poverty-focused aid is less than 1% of the federal budget. But what is used for? Is it effective? How could it be more effective?

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