Distinguished speaker series
April Distinguished Speaker dinner — Art meets news: The work of photojournalist Bill Foley

Hoosier Bill Foley is one of the most influential international photojournalists of the last 40 years. Most iconic images of conflict in the Middle East in the 1970s and 1980s are based on his photos.

Great Decisions
Russia and the “Near Abroad” (Great Decisions)

Putin’s pushback against European expansionism has the West wondering: If Putin’s Russia isn’t afraid to take an aggressive stance against Europeanization in Ukraine, what does that mean for the rest of Russia’s neighbors?

Academic WorldQuest
What’s Academic WorldQuest?

American students are performing well below students in other developed nations in science and math and American students are also lacking in basic knowledge of world history, international geography and global issues. The mission of Academic WorldQuest is to help close this gap.

Adventures in dining
Adventures in International Dining — Go Greek

October 27th — Adventures in International Dining visits Hellas Cafe, one of Indy's oldest and best loved Greek restaurants. Be prepared to see some flaming food, learn how to pronounce "gyros," and learn more about Greece.

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Past events
James McBryant on Brazil transforming

Explaining the challenges and opportunities facing Brazil on January 27 was James McBryant, who has spent time in Brazil at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, which is one of the world’s leading think tanks.

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Great Decisions pre-events
Play the Syrian refugee living board game

Play the Syrian refugee living board game, then go downstairs to hear game designer Erin Lang talk about the Syrian refugee crisis.

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