Distinguished speaker series
The Future of EU-US Relations

May 20th Distinguished Speaker Dinner — An analysis of transatlantic economic and political issues dividing and unifying the EU and the US.

Great Decisions
Privacy in the digital age (Great Decisions)

The idea of “privacy” has undergone significant changes in the digital age, as has the idea of privacy “harm.” Fearful of British spying, influence and intervention, the founding fathers granted citizens significant protections in the Constitution. Now, the tables have turned: Concerns about what some see as a U.S. “dragnet” and unwarranted privacy intrusions have compelled other countries to revamp their own privacy protections.

Academic WorldQuest
Sponsor the 2015 Academic WorldQuest

With your sponsorship of the 2015 Academic WorldQuest, you can help spark Indiana students’ appetites to elevate their understanding and deepen their connections to the rest of the world in a fun and interactive way!

Adventures in dining
Two Belgian Insiders’ Views on Europe

Two of the most influential Belgians in North America will discuss the economic, political, and social challenges facing Europe in 2015.

Past events
Images from Sumit Ganguly’s talk

November 19 Indiana University's Sumit Ganguly spoke to the ICWA about the sweeping changes in store for Indian politics. The audience was spellbound, read what Prof. Ganguly had to say.

Great Decisions pre-events
Play the Syrian refugee living board game

Play the Syrian refugee living board game, then go downstairs to hear game designer Erin Lang talk about the Syrian refugee crisis.

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The Simmons Review
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