Distinguished speaker series
Sumit Ganguly on Indian politics

One of the world's leading experts on the politics of India, Sumit Ganguly of Indiana University, is November's Distinguished Speaker for the Indiana Council on World Affairs.

Great Decisions
Privacy in the digital age (Great Decisions)

The idea of “privacy” has undergone significant changes in the digital age, as has the idea of privacy “harm.” Fearful of British spying, influence and intervention, the founding fathers granted citizens significant protections in the Constitution. Now, the tables have turned: Concerns about what some see as a U.S. “dragnet” and unwarranted privacy intrusions have compelled other countries to revamp their own privacy protections.

Academic WorldQuest
The excitement of Academic WorldQuest from years gone by

ICWA has been running the statewide competition for Academic WorldQuest, selecting a team of high school global trivia geniuses to represent Indiana in the national championship in DC in April. From our archives we offer this report from the 2010 Indiana competition.

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Adventures in dining
Adventures in International Dining

Join ICWA members and their friends for an exploration of some of the most interesting cultures in the world, and some of the best food in Indy.

CIA, Syrian intelligence, and the Russian SVR

ICWA Board member Terry Simmons has a new book, CIA, Syrian intelligence, and the Russian SVR: Competition For Syria And The Post-Assad Geopolitical Contiguous Space. Buy it!

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Fran Quigley — Haiti Strikes Back

From Foreign Affairs — A deadly 2010 outbreak of cholera in Haiti was quickly traced to a UN camp, but the UN has been slow to take responsibility. In response, Haitian lawyers and advocates have decided to sue the international organization for damages. They might not win their case, but their efforts could at least leave Haiti with a better-functioning legal system.

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Iran and the world

June 2014 — On Consider This, Iman Sohrabi, Mark Sniderman, Terry Simmons and Sam Graves

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US foreign policy
U.S. Foreign aid in the 21st Century: A View from Malawi

October 15th — Dalitso Kubalasa, the executive director of the Malawi Economic Justice Network, discussed how recent changes in the way the US government delivers foreign aid have shaped development efforts on the ground in Malawi.

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